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New Orleans Carnival Krewes
For your convenience, the parading organizations listed here are listed by appearance on the parading calendar in the greater metropolitan New Orleans area.  Krewes which will be parading in 2006 can be found in the Welcome Centre of The Compendium.  If you have information on a Carnival krewe of any kind, please do e-mail your humble Professor .  Your efforts allow for the world to know more about Mardi Gras.
Orleans Parish Parade Organizations:
Krewe of Oshun
Krewe of Pygmalion
Krewe of Pontchartrain
Krewe of Shangri-La
Knights of Sparta
Krewe of Pegasus
Krewe of Carrollton
Krewe of King Arthur
Bards of Bohemia
Ancient Druids Krewe of Morpheus Krewe of Saturn
Krewe of Muses Knights of Babylon Knights of Chaos
Krewe of Hermes Le Krewe d'Etat NOMTOC
Krewe of Iris Krewe of Tucks Krewe of Okeanos
Krewe of Thoth Krewe of Endymion Krewe of Mid-City
Krewe of Bacchus Krewe of Proteus Krewe of Orpheus
Zulu Social Aid & Pleasure The School of Design (Rex)
               Krewe of Elks - Orleanians                 Krewe of Crescent City

Jefferson Parish Parade Organizations:
Krewe of Little Rascals
Krewe of Cleopatra
Krewe of Atlas
Krewe of Aladdin
Krewe of Caesar
Krewe of Alla
Krewe of Rhea
Krewe of Mercury
Krewe of Centurions
Krewe of Thor
Krewe of Excalibur
Krewe of Aquila
Knights of Jason
Krewe of Isis
Krewe of Adonis
Corps de Napoleon
Krewe of Zeus
Krewe of Argus
Krewe of Grela
Krewe of Choctaw

               Krewe of Elks - Jeffersonians                    Krewe of Jefferson

St. Bernard Parish Parade Organizations
Knights of Nemesis