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 The Krewe of Okeanos  (Orleans Parish)
The Krewe of Okeanos
Krewe organized in 1949
250+ male and female riders
17 floats
16 marching bands
Contemporary-style parade
King and Queen, officers, ladies-in-waiting
Krewe-emblemed cups, necklaces, frisbees, and purple, green, and gold anodized doubloons.
The krewe is sponsored by the
Sonaeko Club.
One of the staples of the parade season, this krewe is named for the Greek god of oceans and fertile valleys.  Launched in 1949, the krewe has its beginnings with a group of St. Claude Ave. businessmen who wanted a Carnival parade for their neighborhood.  Though the parade now follows the standard Uptown route, Okeanos is known for its elaborately-costumed captain and king.  Always a creative krewe, they keep to a unique regent hierarchy.  Each year, the queen from the previous year marches with the king and the court.  That evening, in lieu of the traditional bal masque, a Coronation Ball is held, where the current queen will be chosen by lottery.  She will then reign over the krewe until her own farewell parade.
This krewe has Greek links This krewe shares a Greek theme with the krewes of Adonis, Aphrodite, Argus Atlas Endymion, Hermes Iris Jason Morpheus Muses, Orpheus Pegasus, Proteus Morpheus Pygmalion Rhea, Sparta, and  Zeus.

Adonis Aladdin Alla Aphrodite
Aquila Arabi
Argus Atlas Babylon Bacchus Bards Caesar
Carrollton Centurions Chaos Choctaw Cleopatra d'Etat
Druids Endymion Excalibur Gladiators Grela Hermes
Iris Isis Jason King Arthur L'il Rascals Mercury
Mid-City Morpheus Muses Napoleon NOMTOC Okeanos
Orpheus Oshun Pegasus Pontchartrain Proteus Pygmalion
Rex Rhea Saturn Shangri-La Sparta Thor
Thoth Tucks du Vieux Zeus Zulu




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