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 Greetings and Salutations from your humble Professor!
Professor Carl NivaleWelcome to your online resource for all things Mardi Gras in New Orleans.  For over 3 centuries, Nouvellé Orleàns has celebrated Carnival in her own inimitable way, beguiling people the across the globe with the pageantry, mystery, and merriment that permeates the very soul of the city.  The celebrations fills the streets with revelers finding adventure behind their masques and happiness 'round ev'ry confetti-littered corner.  There are no strangers at Mardi Gras, only friends and fellows making their final pilgrimage to The City That Care Forgot before the Lenten season returns, and brings our revels to an end for another year. Truly a magical time in this, the most magical of cities.
To begin your journey into the rich tapestry of New Orleans Mardi Gras, click on the buttons at my left.  You may wish to visit the Rotogravure and view images of Mardi Gras' past, or peruse the many Carnival krewes.   Like Mardi Gras itself, the possibilities are endless.

Have a wonderful time, and as they say:
Laissez les bon ton rouler:  Let the good times roll!

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Parade Updates:

Due to the certainty of inclement weather tomorrow, the following
parades have changed their schedules:

NOMTOC will now roll on the Uptown route at 9am on Sunday.
IRIS will follow NOMTOC at 10am.
TUCKS will be moved to Lundi Gras at 3pm.
Krewe of LUL in Luling has cancelled.
ENDYMION will roll, late if necessary.
No word yet on Krewe of ISIS in Metairie.

Please watch this page for further updates, and follow our Twitter feed:
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