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Professor Carl Nivale Professor Carl Nivale is a Professor Emeritus at the Kings' College of Carnival Knowledge (with campuses in Lower East Bastrop, and the Mid-City New Orleans campus temporarily relocated to Orlando, Florida), and earned his PhMG (Doctorate of Mardi Gras) at the Notre Dame de la Gueule de Bois Mortelle in Paris, and completed his graduate studies at L'università di Branelli, di Seni e di Birra in Venice, with undergraduate work at the Lord Windsor Conservatory of Revelry in Middle Umbrage, Surrey (his hometown).
He first became interested in Carnival at an early age when, during a traditional Shrove Tuesday meal of pancakes, his great aunt (a Frenchwoman from Montmartre whom the rest of the Nivale family always found to be a bit dotty) threw down her fork exclaiming "J'ai avalé l'bébé" (which is country French for "I swallowed the baby!"), placed the plate of pancakes on top of her head, grabbed two baguettes and danced out into the streets.  This colorful incident set young Carl Nivale on his path of discovery to a world of mystery and magic.  After completing his matriculation, he came to New Orleans, where he has resided for 15 years studying the native traditions and customs of the Crescent City.  Each Mardi Gras Day, The Professor can be found in and around St. Charles Avenue and Rue Royal educating visitors and locals alike on the rich heritage of Carnival, and offering costume assistance to all who are in need.
New Orleanians and Gulf Coast residents know the Professor best from his annual appearances on WWL-TV.   Beginning on Twelfth Night  morning through to Mardi Gras morning, the Professor covers current events, the historical aspects of the celebrations, and provides a treasure trove of anecdotes and trivia.  2006 marked the 10th Anniversary of the Professor's annual appearances on WWL-TV.
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